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Activating Your Business Potential Through Breathwork

Meet Adrienne Rivera

Serquet, Goddess of the Breath

Adrienne Rivera is a multiple six-figure entrepreneur, author, spiritual business coach & breathwork facilitator. Coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs come to Adrienne when they are ready to call in more abundance in life.

She is the founder of “Breath of Gold,” a rapidly scaling Breathwork Company that has the tagline–“finding wealth & wisdom within.” Her approach to breathwork is different than any others in that she guides other entrepreneurs to unlock the tools within their breath to find business clarity & release limiting beliefs.

She also works with coaches & healers in her Soul of Success Mastermind–a business coaching program that combines the weekly breathwork, learning how to build an email list, and mastering “energetic enrollment”–her signature way of doing sales.

Adrienne Rivera

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