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Creating Impact through Sharing Your Story

Meet Astara Jane Ashley

Bestseller High Priestess

“I hold my authors in the center-point between deep support and accountability, meeting the needs of the moment so that they can ignite the flame that creates resonance in their writing and breaks through any resistance, where they discover a new level of aliveness, commitment, and connection to their readers.”


With 20+ years of deep healing and embodiment work behind her, Astara’s life mission is to midwife 1 million women’s voices—via their books—into a new cultural narrative that amplifies Divine Feminine energy.

Her background in the corporate publishing realm and as a Psychotherapist offers Astara’s clients the support they need to unearth their soul’s message, open their creative channel, and write their book from a place of authenticity and trust in the divine plan of their own becoming.

Her teachings are based on ancient knowledge and feminine principles of unity, connection, love, inclusivity, collaboration, community, equitability, and expansion. She has immersed herself in esoteric wisdom traditions as a Priestess Initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School and as an Anointing Priestess.

Her private writer’s group, Published Priestess, is a global sisterhood of authors who, in a safe space and strongly-held container, share their truth and write from the heart.

Astara is the creator of the best-selling “New Feminine Evolutionary” anthology series, consisting of 7 books and hundreds of authors. Through these potent writing collaborations, she helps women claim their power, voice, and visibility as leaders in their field.

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