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Overcoming Pressure to “Do it All” through Grounding with Earth & Self

Meet Hemalayaa

Mata Bhumi (Divine Mother Earth Goddess)

Hemalayaa mentors power-house visionary women to step into their luxurious health, beauty, radiance and their embodied purpose and magnetize their desired-life with ease.

HEMALAYAA’S SPECIALTY? Musing and mentoring badass women in upleveling their work, relationships and purpose to make a massive positive impact in the world!

Her signature HEMA Wellness Method utilizes Ancient and Modern Technologies to feel and look beautiful, radiate your magnetic energy and fuel your purpose!

Internationally recognized transformational facilitator, Hemalayaa teaches the pillars of H.E.M.A. = Healing. Empowerment. Movement. Ayurveda; a series of practices and self-nourishment rituals to enhance your lifestyle and productivity.

Hemalayaa’s magnetic energy leads all into a liberated state of being: self-empowerment, inspiration, power and purpose.

She has been featured in numerous publications such as NY Times, Origin, Yoga Journal, LA Times, and Shape, as well as on the talk shows Ellen, and The Today Show.

Embody Meditation Series – 4 guided meditations, 4o min By Hemalayaa.

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