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For over 25 years, I have worked as a psychotherapist. Yet my life changed radically about a decade ago after training in trauma treatments. 

As I began to see how the nervous system works – considering the mental health and physical symptoms of my clients as unresolved effects of trauma – the healing results of my clients tripled

It was then that I heard my own body speak, telling me that I was afraid when I thought I was just possibly numb. Connecting to mental health through the body opened me to the process of trusting my own self to heal. 

We can try all manner of self-help and workshops to feel better, but we tend to bypass the doors to our healing. We don’t realize that the subtle pain in our throat or the deep feelings of shame are the healing keys.

I could no longer stand back and not create opportunities for trauma healing. I know that our bodies are designed to heal, just like you would from any injury. I began to rewire my own brain – using the healing tools I teach in Transforming Trauma and over the last 14 years with my clients. 

Now that I have a loving self-compassion that has not been dimmed, I yearn to show every woman that their healing is within them – and that we don’t have to live life hoping things will get better on their own. 

We can heal and have a more fulfilling life, no matter what trauma we have.