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Acknowledging the Grief and Loss & Transmuting it into Love

Meet Lettie Sullivan

The Rising Phoenix

Lettie Sullivan is a Priestess of the Sacred Arts and the Creatrix of the Goddess Ministry, whose mission is to anchor energetic activism centered in Love, Divine Feminine wisdom, metaphysical principles and cosmic time cycles. Lettie is also an inspirational speaker, a professional organizer, life coach, and bestselling author.

Lettie’s 20+ years of mystical studies, practices and initiations-as well as 15 years in private practice as a Professional Organizer and life coach-synthesized the birth of an online global community space dedicated to the evolution of consciousness occurring on the planet and to provide an energetic framework for a renaissance of healing and cultural intelligence.

The Divine Order Masterclass

Learn the principles of Divine Order to create harmony both internally and externally.

Enjoy this 20-minute, guided dance journey to Embody, Own and Claim your Divine Purpose. Call all parts of yourself home to your Temple Body to feel into the power of your presence, to fully be who you were born to be. Allow your unique essence to shine and take up space, to express from a place of embodied presence. Create your own dance of claiming your path, your body, your voice, and your gifts. It is time for you to align with and claim your Divine Purpose!

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