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Annelies Declerck

As a Shamanic Healer and mother of 4 with over 20 years of experience guiding people, I have the honor of using my 10 certifications in mind, body and soul modalities to facilitate resolving my clients deepest imprints and blocks so they can fully live with joy, ease and delight. I work with people who are walking a spiritual path and encounter a block in one or more aspects of their lives, a pattern always coming back that is stopping them from fully living with joy, ease and delight. I help them to look deeply at themselves, ancestral patters, birth imprints and other (family) traumas to finally resolve their deepest blocks and harvest the gift of their journey.

Shiatsu practitioner, Shiatsu teacher, Dream Guide, Systemic Work Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I and II and Kundalini yoga professional teacher trainer, PSYCH-K® and Live the Connection, Sacred Oak Academy Shamanic Practitioner