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Katja Lany

Katja Surya Lany is a Joie de Vivre Energy Healer with 8 years of experience and certifications through the Institute for Applied Meditation & Star of Divine Light Institute. Knowing from personal experience how an inner self-critical voice sucks your joy right out of you, Katja became passionate about supporting others who also suffer from this form of self-sabotage & people-pleasing. She specializes in working in the subconscious & reconnecting people to their body & inner compass, so that innate genius is unlocked. She’s a powerful force when it comes to guiding others out of their Dark Night of the Soul.

With her deep compassion & gentle nourishing energy, others are safe to feel all emotions fully & non-judgmentally for freedom, authenticity & true intimacy. This work involves discerning what’s in the way of aligned decision-making – your veil that doesn’t allow you to feel your inner authority, body, or aliveness. Human to human interactions inspire Katja daily to weave her spiritual awareness with groundedness.

She has appeared as an expert speaker on numerous summits & podcasts, where she shares practical tips that the audience can apply immediately to their everyday lives.