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Kirsty Jandrell

Kirsty is a speaker, trainer, author, transformational coach, Ceremonial Priestess, (in the 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage), Angel healer and teacher, certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, Akashic records practitioner, Podcast host, workshop facilitator, successful business owner & founder of several ethical recruitment companies. Through a combination of modalities, her aim is to serve beautiful souls to remember their Divinity and magnificence! Kirsty is called to serve in the ascension process, and follow wherever she is guided! She also guides beautiful souls to create a balance of the inner Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine, which will in turn reflect a balance in outer ‘reality’. As within, so without!

Not new to life challenges, Kirsty experienced two initiations which led her to create this new work in the world. One was becoming a first-time mom at 46, then losing both her Mom and Step Dad, in their sudden transition a year later. These served as a wakeup call which led her to follow her heart, passion and North Star, and help others to do the same The last few years have seen Kirsty consistently hone and develop her spiritual service soul work/play, after stepping away from the daily running of businesses! This continues to unfold as a fascinating journey of self-exploration, healing and holding others’ hands and hearts, as they do the same!

Kirsty has taught Kundalini yoga for some 20 years and is currently developing a new modality which channels the Archangels through breathwork, sacred movement and activation to create balance and develop the 12 chakra system. She is also so blessed to be hosting ‘The Angels, Magic and Joy Podcast!’ with her soul sister Kate Rajba.