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Lori Creevay

In the mid 80’s, working as a professional actor deeply involved in the first of many comedy improv teams, something quite unexpected and life changing visited Lori. She died from an overdose and was (thankfully) revived. This near-death experience would open a deep doorway into the other realms. She began seeing the translucent forms of her spirit guides and a myriad of others from the ‘other side’ who no longer walked in this world but still wished to communicate. These unexpected visits could be quite jarring, leaving her with so many questions.

Fortunately, she found her way to a very gifted mentor, Trance Medium, Mataare (fka Paul Norris McClaine) , with whom she studied psychic development, for several years, under the tutelage of many master guides that Mataare effortlessly channeled. Under his caring guidance, Lori learned how to use her psychic gifts…on her own terms. And, most importantly, she learned that using these gifts to assist others to open and align to this higher guidance, would become one of the most profound and meaningful ways of fulfilling her own destiny.