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To find freedom from the pain of your past, you must understand how it happened. What is your trauma, really? What patterns keep you stuck? You’ll dive into core definitions – such as childhood trauma and how it shows up physically and psychologically. This module shines new light on the importance of feeling safe, why trauma exists, and your inner strength to beat it.

In this session, you’ll:

Discover a personal roadmap to navigating the healing journey ahead – to set yourself up to begin feeling safe forever, so that you can soar past previous plateaus

Learn a practice of cultivating inner safety to help rewire your brain – so that you empower yourself to choose how you react, rather than being trapped by unconscious patterns

See how trauma shows up biologically to gain a stronger awareness of your body and create the physical connection needed to heal

Sharpen your awareness of key trauma concepts and journal on your memories of safety – so that you begin creating an anchor for overcoming future fear