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This module provides key training on the neurobiology of trauma – so you see how your nervous system really affects you. If you become aware of your dysregulation, then you can engage in new strategies to calm your body and mind on demand. You’ll learn to release the toxicity of traumas stuck deep within your body by using your hidden yet powerful inner resources.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore the fight, flight, fawn, and freeze responses and how they manifest after a traumatic event – so you can build the awareness and self-compassion needed for positive change
  • Discover the Polyvagal Theory and how it connects to emotion regulation, social connection, and fear response – to help you balance your nervous system and revitalize your health holistically
  • End the separation between your mind-body system – to step into a connected state of being that promotes natural healing
  • Examine what it means to be “triggered” – and how you can tap into your body’s intelligence to shift out of dysregulation and reclaim your power in any situation