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This final module dives into the silent traumas that affect our society and previous generations – and impact us today. It also arms you with an awareness of other people’s nervous systems and how to help (or receive help) by regulating sticky emotions. You’ll experience the exponential inner and outer benefits of moving past your trauma and into emotional freedom.

In this session, you’ll:

Learn why another person’s regulated nervous system helps you soothe your  trauma – and how your environment can power a sense of safety and healing

See how the traumatic experiences of your grandparents impact your mental health and alter your genetics – plus how to transcend the pain to create a domino effect of healing for generations

Open your eyes to how the patriarchy conditions women and trauma’s role in racism so that you can foster a sense of empowerment and shift toward a more liberating vision for the future

Recognize trauma as a positive opportunity beyond fixing past wounds – to uplevel physically, emotionally, and spiritually and expand your self-care and post-traumatic growth