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Nimisha Ataraxia

As a Priestess of Intimate Pleasure, Nimisha channels New Earth perspectives about Blissful Relationships, Nourishing Intimacy, Sacred Sensuality & Joyful Living; Weaving that with the ancient philosophies, then sharing in sisterhood.

Nimisha is here to vibrate and resonate the frequency of Intimate Pleasure – in all its glorious forms! Body, mind, soul; Solo & with others; Especially bringing respect, reverence, elegance, eloquence, sophistication, simplicity, slow seduction, playfulness, presence, curiosity, deep connection, affection & trust back to sensual, sexual experiences – elevating them once again to the sacred vessels of connection and elevated consciousness they really are.

She shows women that the way to reconnect to their Intimate Pleasure is through self-affection, self-acceptance, self-connection, self-love, self-trust… It all starts with our intimate relationship with our self.

She is devoted to the divine feminine & bringing divine feminine and divine masculine into Union and Balance, for a peaceful, prosperous, passionate, playful New Earth.