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Rachel Cooley

Rachel Cooley, founder of Divine Guidance with Rachel Cooley, is an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Author, Certified Spiritual Counselor, and Angelic Guidance Mentor Certification Trainer who has spent the last 24 years inspiring and guiding women to reconnect with their Divine Guidance & Angelic Support, To open and Receive the Blessings that are their Divine Birthright.

Rachel supports women in her Angelic Sanctuary Journey Program with the Angels, and her mission is to help women step into their Divine Purpose path fully resourced to live a Miraculous life of fulfillment living on purpose, sharing their Gifts and allowing their Essence to Make an Amplified Divine Impact in the World by becoming Angelic Guidance Mentors, able to guide even more people all over the world into a Miraculous Life, Birthright Blessings, helping catalyze Quantum Leap transformation with the Angels for those healing empowerment, prosperity, protection, and so much more!