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Rima Bonario

Dr. Rima Bonario is a Dream Weaver, Soul-Coach and Wild-Heart Healer with 30 years on the path of conscious evolution. Rima specializes in the arena of personal sovereignty and the challenge many women face in maintaining a healthy balance between caring for others and caring for themselves. Rima’s best-selling book, “The Seven Queendoms: A Soul-Map for Embodying Sacred Feminine Sovereignty” helps women use the energy, majesty, and noble nature of the Queen archetype to consciously create a life they love.

Her coaching, workshops, online courses, and sacred travel journeys use the transcendent power of myth and archetype, ritual and ceremony, and soul/shadow work to help her students cut through energetic clutter, dissolve emotional baggage, and form wildly fulfilling habits of attention. Rima holds doctorate in Transformational Psychology and has studied with master teachers in body-based energy work, trauma informed practices, the Tantric Art of Sacred Sexuality, and the Temple Art of Anointing.