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Rose Cole

After a childhood fraught with severe trauma and abuse, Rose was placed in the foster care system and later adopted by her aunt and an indigenous medicine man. Through the shamanic path and sacred ceremony, she began to heal herself quantumly, and reclaim her shamanic abilities. Over the last 25 years, Rose birthed a body of work to assist others in awakening their nine shamanic gifts and reclaiming their purpose as healers.

Today, a modern-day medicine woman, Rose has been featured in spaces like, E! and MSNBC, is author of multiple books, and an internationally renowned speaker aside such world visionaries as Depak Chopra and Marriane Williamson. Rose is also an ordained minister, recognized medicine carrier and president of the non-profit, BeautyWay In Unity. She supports the revival of earth-based-healing traditions through activism, fundraising, and her own school, The Sacred Oak Academy – Guided Energy MedicineTM Certification.

Today, alongside her faculty, she trains spiritual leaders, conscious business owners, healthcare workers, change-makers, and emerging healers from all over the world. Through her flagship program, The Sacred Oak Academy, they receive a year-long certification in shamanic energy medicine and quantum healing tools. She also offers advanced courses and community events to further students upon their awakened path. Her belief is that as more people live with these abilities activated, the world awakens to a new consciousness and we birth a new humanity.