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Roshni Dominic

Roshni is a trauma-informed sexuality coach who helps women and non-binary vulva owners connect to their bodies and find their sexual pleasure, power and wildness.

Having experienced a triple-conservative upbringing (She was born in the Middle East, she was raised Catholic and was raised in a conservative Indian family), she has gone on a deep, powerful journey for the past decade, of self-love and reclamation of her sexual pleasure and power.

She’s a Certified Sex, Love and Relationships coach, a Certified Female Sexuality coach, a Certified Male Sexuality coach and a Certified Jade Egg coach. She has completed a year-long (650+ hour) training in the Sex, Love and Relationships Certification with the VITA (Vital Integrated Tantric Approach) Institute. She’s currently training in Somatic Experiencing® (a 3- year Practitioner Training in a body-oriented therapeutic model that helps heal trauma). She lives in the UK.